Zeagle Express is a factory authorized online SCUBA dive gear equipment dealer, offering full factory warranties on all SCUBA gear and dive equipment. Located just four miles from the Zeagle Systems, Inc. production facility, Zeagle Express is supported by Aquatic Adventures of Florida in Zephyrhills Florida.

Zeagle Systems pioneered the practical weight-integrated buoyancy system and has more experience designing and manufacturing weight-integrated systems than any other company. For over twenty years, Zeagle Systems has developed buoyancy systems for the casual recreational diver, the technical diver and for the most specialized military applications.

Aquatic Adventures is a full SCUBA facility that has been around for over twenty-five years, working with Zeagle Systems and providing quality dive certification and equipment sales in Tampa, Florida. Our staff of certified dive instructors are avid dive enthusiasts 12 months of the year. This is a year-round business dealing with all types of diving in Florida. From recreational diving to technical diving, our staff has the expertise you are looking for. Our team is committed to you for sales, service and SCUBA training.

Zeagle Express specializes in:
Zeagle Online Equipment Sales and Service
Scuba Diving Training
Equipment Rentals
Travel Trips from recreational to technical diving

Information About Zeagle Express

•With twenty years of dive equipment experience at our facility in Zephyrhills, Florida, Zeagle Express stands behind every product we sell.

• Zeagle Express has professional staff and dive instructors who dive 12 months a year, and are totally committed to you the customer and our students.

• Zeagle Express and Aquatic Adventures work together or offer full-service on all brand names. All repair technicians are dive instructors working at our facility and are experienced in all types of dive equipment and teaching. We know your equipment!

• Zeagle Express and Aquatic Adventures now offer you a trade in program. Ready to step up with different or better equipment? Our trade-in program buys your used dive equipment to make it worth your time to purchase new or other used gear.

• Zeagle Express is always adding new lines of dive gear